i have had an interesting week. a church eamiled me and asked if i would answer five questions. i did, and then got my ass kicked for doing so – it seems i did not mention “christ” enough in my answers. this made me a “beast” (i tried to explain that being a punk monkey – i was a beast – but no go). it seems that if you replace the word “God” with the word “christ” – you are not a “true christian.” anyway, i emailed them back, basicly thnaking them for the opportunity to answer and then left it at that – then i get another email explaining that my soul was in trouble because i did not understand the “true nature of jesus christ and all he could do with me” – great, now i’m damed because i see jesus as the son of God, God on earth – but because i do not use the term “christ” in an email, and me without opposable thumbs.

by the way. i figured out the problem i was having with this blog – it seems you need to hit “post” to get it published – go figure, my bad. – pm