culture page longCommunity is more than just a gathering of people. it also means people with like minded values and thoughts. here is a list of links we think will help define who you are in community.

Our Store
ginkworld/amazon store: this is our book store. get all your books, music and more through us and we make a little on the kickback.
Onetribe International:  Unique handcrafted organic body jewelry made of wood, horn, and bone. Organic body jewelry represents a chance to respect the energy of life by assimilating it into our bodies and everyday lives.

steelskin:  Wholesale to the trade natural, such as bone, stone, horn, wood, bamboo, jet, ethnic, and tribal.
ADDING YOUR LINK: If you would like your link posted here, simply email us and we will look over your site and make a determination. If we agree that we are on the same page concerning community we will add your link. We are currently looking for links connected to tattoos and culture.

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