i have been thinking a great deal over these past few days about the concept of “sacraments.” traditionally the RC has had 7, and the reformers cut it to 2, but i have been wondering if they got it wrong? now, i will admit i am in the process of writing an art on the subject – so, i don’t want to get too deep – my plan is to have it published on ::seven:: with a reprint on ginkworld – i have posed the question on the “postmodern_theology” tahoo egroup (which i think everyone should join) and i am waiting for the easter weekend to get over so others can post a answer – or an opinion at best. you can email me what you think a “sacrament” is, and how we define it in the church – and how we should, or if we should, change that defination – i’s playing with the concept – and i do have some interesting ideas that will be posted soon – so keep checking back. got to go now – later – pm