I cry, and you look away.
I shout, and you turn a deaf ear.
I beg, and you look down on me.
I ask, and you do not answer.

My God, why?
Why the pain
Why the hurt
Why the anguish
You do nothing for me

You turn your back on me in my toughest hour
You laugh when I fall
You send others to kick me when I am down.
I ask why, and you do not answer
I ask what, and you do not show me the way.

I stand in anguish
My heart torn-out
My trust destroyed
My life in shambles

Yet I know you are God.
I know that you are in the healing
In my sorrow you will bring healing
In my pain, you will bring relief
In my mistrust, you will bring trust
In my life you will bring blessings
In all I know, you are God.
And in your hands I will find my place.