faith communities

In the past listed many different communities of faith – and we will continue to doe the same.  Under the link “FAITH COMMUNITIES” we will be listing communities of faith from USAmerican, Canada, Australia, European and New Zealand.  We will be moving over our data base and this will take time – but not too long.  In the past we have seen this list be very helpful for people looking to connect to a community.

If you desire to have your community of faith listed please note the following:

1.  We do not list a community of faith without being asked.

2.  We list only those communities of faith who are emerging/conceptual.  We make every effort to make sure each community of faith listed is emerging/conceptual.  While we do understand that this is a rather subjective call, we hold to making that call.  Our desire is to not send people to a community of faith where they are doing “the same old, same old.”

3.  Because we only list communities of faith who request being added, we will remove only those communities of faith that request we do so.

if you desire to have your community of faith listed, please email us the following information:  Name of your community of faith, Country, State [or Provence], City, Community URL

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