Number 5

Father God,

You give and take

And it seems that you take more then you give

The hurt, the void, left behind the taking is growing and filling my soul

Yet I know,

In the fullness of your giving,

And I know

That the giving fills all hurts of an empty heart

But it is hard!

I know you love me –

But I wonder, at times, do you like me?

I know you care for me –

But there are times when it feels like you careless

I know you help me –

But there are times when I feel you leave me helpless

God, I seek to know your ways –

Yet, I do not even know what you are doing.

I am confused;

By men who claim to know you and all your ways

All your teachings

All your laws

Yet, they do not know your grace

Your forgiveness

Your love

I am confused;

because I wonder

Can anyone truly know you that well?

When I look,

I see only in part

Who can truly claim to know you?

I seek to know you more.

While some seek to control

Your ways are a mystery

You give and you take

And I give praise that you give

Even when you take.